animacion , tv , videos Miércoles, 21 noviembre 2007

Vuelve Futurama

futurama-coverart.jpgPara los que pensamos que Spider-pig podría convertirse en el «Gazoo» de los Simpsons (el síntoma de su decadencia y el anuncio del fin), Matt Groening anuncia el retorno de su otro retoño, con la primera de cuatro películas:

Futurama: Bender’s Big Score is the first of four new feature-length DVD releases coming from Fox Home Entertainment. The new Futurama flick hits stores on November 27, but Fox took time to launch its new future Hollywood-style, with a massive red carpet premiere party last week in Los Angeles at the famed Arclight Cinerama Dome theater on Sunset Boulevard. The entire cast and crew showed up, including Matt Groening, who made special mention of the show’s fans. (…)

For his part, Groening is happy simply to see new Futurama back in front of the fans. He’s also happy for his dueling day jobs. “I run back and forth,” he said. “Here’s the greatest thing about having two animated projects: I can tell the Simpsons people I’m working on Futurama, and the Futurama people I’m working on Simpsons. Then I just go home and take a nap.”

Ahora solo falta la serie de Life is Hell y ya podemos morirnos todos en paz.

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